Why does my site have barely any offers?

- Our site has hundreds of different offers, but unfortunately some are limited to certain regions, so yes, if you are in Russia, or areas of that sort, your offers will be limited to maybe 3-4 offers. Good news is, our offerwalls add new offers very often so look forward to that!

Why does this site have offers that ask some personal questions?

- Keep in mind, this site doesn't create the offers. We use offerwalls like AdGate, OfferToro, and OGads in order to provide you with the best, quickest, and most entertaining offers possible!

Why did I complete an offer and not receive ROBUX?

- Chances are, you probably didn't fully complete the offer. If you did do the offer fully, their system might've picked you up as a VPN, or you might be using AdBlock. Keep in mind, you CANNOT use AdBlock or VPN's while doing offers, as they will automatically invalidate your survey/downloaded app.

Have a problem with the site?

If you have a problem with the site or you have a question please contact our Discord.

Do you guys accept sponsors?

- We love sponsors! If you have over 10,000 subscribers or get 10,000 views on your videos, don't hesitate to email us @ rbxgoldteam@gmail.com! We reply to all emails and inquiries, and we pay good money for our site to be featured on your YouTube channels.

How do I withdraw my earned robux?

Click on the withdraw section of the site, on the left panel. Then, join the group by clicking the join group button, and withdraw the selected amount you have in your balance! Enjoy!

When do you restock?

We are ALWAYS in stock, do not worry!